Pricing Page

For those individuals wishing a single component of the course on a one time basis, the cost is:

Basic Medicine:$50 (5.0 hours credit) for TECLOSE credit. TECLOSE# 52002
Advanced Medicine:$75 (7.5 hours credit) for TECLOSE credit.  TECLOSE# 52003
Psychiatry:$75 (7.5 hours credit) for TECLOSE credit.  TECLOSE# 52004

Two Year Price Plan for Educational Units - Includes all three units

0-25 participants: $2600 for the 2 year lease
26-50 participants: $3100 for the 2 year lease
51-75 participants: $3600 for the 2 year lease
76-100 participants: $4100 for the 2 year lease
101-150 participants: $5100 for the 2 year lease
151-200 participants: $6200 for the 2 year lease
201-350 participants: $12250 for the 2 year lease
351-500 participants: $15500 for the 2 year lease
501-1000 participants: $27000 for the 2 year lease
1001-1700 participants: $51000 for the 2 year lease
over 1700 participants: $56000 for the 2 year lease

All courses will be automatically graded and the results will be sent to the individual jail purchasing the course and the participant  for accreditation purposes.  This is why sign in information is so important to us.

“How does the TCLEOSE organization in Austin give the individual students at jails credit?” The answer is that the jails must write or email TCLEOSE and provide a list of  individual names of those completing the course.

It is suggested that jails lease for two years the educational program in its entirety.  This includes all three educational courses:  Basic Medicine, Advanced Medicine and Psychiatry.  This will allow all present and future staff during the two year period to take the course as often as necessary or as often as the staff wishes.  The payment procedure is to provide a credit card on-line in this secure environment.  Other data such as the participant and the organization will need to be entered on-line.  Once payment is completed for the number of units requested, that number plus 10% more in order to supply staff which may be hired during the next two years, will be issued to your organization to the individual you request, such as the Jail Administrator.  The codes can then be provided to individual staff members, who will then take the three courses.  When the third course is finalized, test scores will be provided to the individual and to the Jail Administrator or his designee.  Furthermore, a certification document will be issued to all individuals who pass the post-tests. 70% or more correct is a passing grade.

Payment for individual courses is the same credit card method as is used for the 2 year lease program.  IMPORTANT: For jails with less than 15 total staff, the individual course price may be more cost effective than the 2 year lease program.  Please check which is more cost efficient for your jail. Individual staff educational cards will be forwarded to the purchasing organization of separate courses by Innovative Health Care.

Consider letting not only jail staff take the course, but also include those Sheriff Officers on patrol who routinely interface with the public.  Information really is power!

Finally, if there are any problems with pricing and you have a specific question, feel free to call Innovative Health Care at 979 277 2094.

When an organization purchases a specific number of educational units (one unit represents all three courses), they will also be issued individual staff plastic information cards for their personal use.  The units purchased plus 10% will be provided via shipping from Innovative Health Care or in person to the organization, and so we will need your mailing address and contact person.

If you wish to take this course: