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The Pediatric After-Hours Booklet

To order “The Pediatric After-Hour, Non-Life and Death Almost an Emergency Booklet”

Here is the Answer:

  • Two clinical evidence- based studies demonstrating that use of this book decreases Emergency Department utilization.
  • One study accepted in a national journal 2011. (“Family Medicine”)
  • A second study submitted for publication to a national pediatric journal. (“Pediatrics”)
  • The subject of an article in “Texas Medicine” 2010 illustrating patient and physician acceptability in a private pediatric practice.
  • This book has been modified and is being researched in Thailand to be used as a potential educational tool for parents in that country.

Why this book can help new and old parents:

  • 20 pages
  • Comes in English and Spanish.
  • The Spanish is easily understood, colloquial and idiomatic.
  • Written at a 4.2 grade reading level.
  • Is revised once a year to continuously be updated.
  • Over 100,000 copies already in use.
  • Contains specific instructions for parents rather than generalizations.
  • Has as its goal the creation of educated, confident parents-----a goal worth obtaining!

How to Raise a Perfect Child…or the Impossible Dream

  • Be ready to laugh but at the same time be educated. Information is power for new parents, but the information must be easy to read, practical, enjoyable and usable. That is what this book is all about. You will enjoy reading it, but don’t ever loan it out or you probably won’t get it back. It is fun to read!
  • 150 pages, pictures, humor and even some poetry. Also, that’s my son’s picture on the front cover.


How to Order:

“How to Raise a Perfect Child. . . or the Impossible Dream”
$6.95 per copy plus S/H.
To order, email sgyoffe@sbcglobal.net or call 979 277 2094.

Coordinated Care Guide with TEKS

  • Classroom tested. Divided into seven teaching units. Handsomely bound.
  • If you are trying to motivate young parents to learn about their future child or simply educate
  • Working in conjunction with “How Raise the Perfect Child. . .or the Impossible Dream,” this school ready curriculum is perfect for parenting classes. Tests, puzzles, poetry and role-playing are all included with instructions.
  • A must for teaching teenagers about parenting skills. This book and the curriculum in this associated tool create an enjoyable experience for young students and their teachers.

How to Order:

Cost of the curriculum is $120 per book plus S/H.
“How to Raise a Perfect Child…or the Impossible Dream” booklets $6.95 are sold separately. Over 20 booklets, the cost is $5.00 per book plus S/H.
  To order: email sgyoffe@sbcglobal.net or call 979 277 2094.

“Emergency Care Guide for Schools”

  • Originally created for schools with no full time nursing staff, this inexpensive tool answers the commonly asked questions pertaining to children’s common health care problems.
  • Simple, non-technical and usable, the responses are direct and practical.
  • A wonderful tool to increase teacher and medical staff awareness of what to do and when to do it for the non-professional.

How to Order:

“Emergency Care Guide for Schools” costs $20 per copy plus S/H.
  To order, email sgyoffe@sbcglobal.net or call 979 277 2094.