Inmate Health Care

When standardized health care answers do not solve problems, it takes creative, innovative responses to be successful.

Innovative Health Care is a company dedicated to finding and developing these types of solutions.  Based on a clinical, evidence-based approach to problem-solving, Innovative Health Care is unique in its success story.


“Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting better results.”

Albert Einstein

Stuart J. Yoffe, M.D. has been involved with jail medical care for over twelve years. He has established health care programs in the following county jails: Washington, Waller, Burleson and Milam.  At each jail, one major goal was to integrate the health care service team with the jail security staff. He has achieved this by an educational program and by reinforcing the benefits to each department . “What Jail Staff Needs to Know about the Jail Medical System” is a compilation of lectures provided by Dr. Yoffe along with responses to commonly posed questions about specific medical conditions from the Security Staff.

About Dr. Yoffe

  • Stuart J. Yoffe, M.D., F.A.A.P.
  • B.A. Washington & Lee University
  • M.D. University of Kentucky Medical School
  • Internship/Residency: Ohio State, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Author: “What Jail Staff Needs to Know about Health Care in the Jail System”
  • Author: Two articles about health care presented in “Texas Lawman
  • Speaker at Sheriff’s Association Meeting 2009.

Dr. Yoffe is a board certified pediatrician with specialty training in allergy and immunology, who thirty years ago worked with nurse practitioners, physician assistants and who had in his office an audiologist, speech pathologist, part-time nutritionist and part- time psychologist.  This was in the 1970s and 1980s. Innovative is not a new word to him.

Recipient of one of five national Education Certificates from the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2010.

Georgia LaPointe Yoffe is an educator. With a Master’s Degree in English, she has served as a school teacher and administrator.  Her specific interest is high risk children. Based on a wealth of experience, her well-conceived project of a teen parenting program serves as a model for successful development of young parents through education and direction.

Available Educational Materials

Jail Medicine

  • "What County Jail Staff Needs to Know about the Jail Medical Care System--Basic Course"
  • "What County Jail Staff Needs to Know about the Jail Medical Care System--An Advanced Course"
  • "What County Jail Staff Needs to Know about the Psychiatric Care System."

Jail Consultation Services

Without beating around the bush, if you are spending an inordinate amount of money on the health care for your inmates or you do not feel you are getting your money’s worth, then Stuart J. Yoffe, M.D. is available for short or long term consultations to modify your system.  Fees are determined by what the individual jail wishes to accomplish and by the length of time needed to accomplish the task.

Washington County Jail

  • The first nine years as Medical Director for the Washington County Jail, Dr. Yoffe saved the county over $1,000,000 increasing the efficiency of health care in the system.
  • Although specific numbers are not available, health care costs have been considerably reduced in Milam, Burleson and Waller County Jail Programs also.

Quotes from County Sheriffs

Sheriff J.W. Jankowski of Washington County:
“Dr. Yoffe has developed a program over the past twelve years that has saved the county lots of money, but it has also produced a system that provides better health care for the inmates.”

Sheriff Dale Stroud of Burleson County:
“In the three years since Dr. Stuart Yoffe has served as Medical Director for the Burleson County Jail, medical cost have decreased significantly. . . . I know I certainly worry less about the risk of medical liability with a Medical Director overseeing this aspect of the Jail.”

Sheriff Randy Smith of Waller County:
“Since he became the attending physician at the jail, the medical costs have been reduced each year. The medical care the inmates receive has improved with the policies and procedures Dr. Yoffe has implemented over the course of his tenure.”

Owen Ralston, Waller County Judge:
“His innovative approach has resulted in significant cost savings for Waller County without any liability issues.”

John Dyess, Chief Administrative Officer of Harris County Jail:
"I can say that Dr. Yoffe has been very effective as a consultant with his recommendations and their implementation. In the past 16 months, HCJ has considerably increased its ability to control expenditures.  I can strongly recommend Dr. Yoffe as a consultant in the field of County Jail Medicine."

"What County Jail Staff Needs to Know about the Jail Medical Care System--Basic Course"

Table of Contents

1. General Information7.  Chest Pain
2. Mission Statement8.   Hypertension
3. Vital Signs9.   Trauma
4. Diabetes10. Staph Infections
5. Seizures 11. Pregnancy
6. Asthma12. Psychiatric Problems


  • To provide educationally appropriate medical information to correctional staff to improve general medical knowledge.
  • To create a more confident correctional staff member when required to deal with inmate medical problems.
  • To promote better sense of joint purpose between correctional staff and medical staff.
  • To supply educationally appropriate level of medical information to correctional staff so that communication between the two teams is at the highest level.

All courses will be automatically graded and the results will be sent to the individual jail purchasing the course and the participant  for accreditation purposes.  This is why sign in information is so important to us.

If you wish to take this course:

  • If you wish to take this course personally or for your staff, you will be asked to provide a credit card number for payment, the name of the organization, the state and county in which it is located, the number of participants wishing to take the course and the email of the participant and organization (its representative) for grade presentation.
  • You will be asked to supply the mailing address of the organization for certificate presentation.
  • Once payment is provided via credit card (Visa,Mastercard), you will be issued a code for each participant and that code will be good for a two- year period during which time the test can be accessed.  At the end of the two-year period or when question #120 is answered, the score will be provided to both the participant and the organization (its representative).
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Test Explanation

There is a pre-test before each section of information.

The pre-tests are not scored, but instead they are guides to what information is considered valuable.  Every individual will automatically receive a grade of P or U on their pre-test, but that grade does not count.

The post-tests are scored and a score sheet will be provided to you/your jail after all the tests are finished.  Your tests will be scored at the end of each lesson.

Read the information carefully, but because this is an open-book program, you will be allowed to use the educational information while taking the test.

Test Explanation continued... Your tests will be scored at the end of each section.  70% or more correctly answered is Pass.  Read the information carefully, but this is an open-book program, and so you will be allowed to use the educational information while taking the test. You can have access to your test results only when you finish the entire program. You will not be allowed to return to the educational information once you finish the 10th test (question #100).

A Common Sense Approach to Common Problems

  • 61 pages chocked full of information for nurses, medical assistants and even jail physicians. Every jail should have this book as a reference.
  • Sections on: Policies, Forms, Medical Protocols and Formulary
  • Purchase price $39.95
  • If desiring to purchase this booklet, email your order to or call 979 277 2094.