How to Raise a Perfect Child. .. . or the Impossible Dream

Guide to health care, child's growth, development and immunizations.

The Pediatric After-Hours Non-Life and Death - Almost-An-Emergency Booklet.


Inmate Health Care

Based on a clinical, evidence-based approach to problem-solving,

What we do?


When standardized health care answers do not solve problems, it takes creative, innovative responses to be successful.

Innovative Health Care is a company dedicated to finding and developing these types of solutions. Based on a clinical, evidence-based approach to problem-solving, Innovative Health Care is unique in its success story.  

As a pediatrician, Stuart J Yoffe, M.D. has written a book entitled "How to Raise a Perfect Child...or the Impossible Dream".  Many routine child care questions are answered and the solutions outlined are those which he found to be the easiest and which yields the best results.  He provided this book to his own private patients with great parental acceptance. He followed this publication with his second book, "The Pediatric After-Hours Non-Life and Death Almost an Emergency Booklet" which is a work specifically designed to help parents, HMOs, private and governmental organizations decrease health care costs by reducing unnecessary Emergency Department utilization. In two separate clinical studies, the book has proven to be successful in reducing these costs!

Stuart J. Yoffe, M.D. has been involved with jail medical care for over twelve years. He has established health care programs in the following county jails: Washington, Waller, Burleson and Milam. At each jail, one major goal was to integrate the health care service team with the jail security staff. He has achieved this by an educational program and by reinforcing the benefits to each department . “What Jail Staff Needs to Know about the Jail Medical System” is a compilation of lectures provided by Dr. Yoffe along with responses to commonly posed questions about specific medical conditions from the Security Staff.

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